My initiation into the blogosphere

Yay! I’ve done it, I’ve started a blog!

Thanks to my cook book deal with Sasquatch Books titled–what else?–The Asian Grandmother’s Cookbook, I’ve finally gotten off my duff and done it.

Who would have thought that securing my first book deal would seem like a fairy tale? Honestly, I truly felt like Snow White (or insert fairy tale princess of choice), only instead of Prince Charming, I met the editor I was destined to work with.

 It happened like this:

I was interviewing said editor for the NW Asian Weekly, which incidentally is the publication that gave me my first break in Seattle, about his new promotion to publisher. We got started talking about eating, food and cook books (like most conversations I get into) and he let slip that he’s always wanted to publish an Asian grandmothers cookbook. As a writer with a keen interest in how food, history, and culture intersect, it was a dream assignment come true! I offered to send him a proposal, I did, he loved it and the rest, as they say is history.

Now I have a cook book deal … sweet :).


One thought on “My initiation into the blogosphere

  1. CONGRATULATIONS! It was fun reading what you put on the blog. I think the book is going to be a smashing success. I liked the cabbage with the eggs, and I think I’ll try it for lunch soon.

    The recipes are real gems. I love the text in between. Good luck, and keep up the good work.


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