Paperback here we come …

If you could see me now, you’d notice my cheeks are red ***blush*** and the very embarrassed look on my face …

Yes, I have been delinquent with my blog postings but I have a very good excuse, promise! A little project named Isaac has been keeping me busy. The little man, by the way, turns ONE next month!

I’m afraid I can’t say I’m going back to posting regularly but I do have brilliant news–The Asian Grandmothers Cookbook is going into a second printing and in paperback! This means several things:

1. Paperback means a lower price making it more affordable so more people will buy it

2. The cookbook is doing well and will stay in print!

3. I can make corrections. And for this I’d like to enlist your help. If you’ve found any mistakes/discrepancies, or would just like some clarification about a recipe or fact, please leave me a comment or send me an email: My deadline is February 22, so please get in touch soon.

Thank you for all your support!




7 thoughts on “Paperback here we come …

  1. You don’t talk about the Vietnamese grandmother in there, which was a disappointment, as the recipes on there were exactly like my grandmother (Vietnamese) taught me. It is why I bought the book.

    1. Hi Kim, I’m sorry you were disappointed. I really wanted to feature a Vietnamese grandmother but it was beyond my control I’m afraid. The recipes are authentic though and I hope you will still enjoy cooking them.

  2. I just read the relish insert in my newspaper, a little behind in my reading. I am glad I saved this issue. I am asian american and never had my mom, grandma or any asian relative to help me cook. I just picked up the love of cooking again thanks to a new diet and I am so glad to find this book. I’ve always wanted to explore my culture more (and to visit japan and perhaps some relatives) and this will be a great trip and, as you said, I am glad that these traditions and recipes will be preserved. Thank you!

    1. Hi Cheri,
      You are not alone, I know so many Asian Americans in your shoes and you are the reason why this book exists. Please let me know how your adventures go (both in the kitchen and in Japan!). Take care, Pat

  3. Yay! I’ve been thinking about buying the Kindle edition, but put it off because I wasn’t sure how the pictures would look. Now, I’ll just wait for the paperback version 🙂

  4. Hi Pat,
    Great about your book and your baby.
    Did you tweet me directly about a month ago when I indicated I had an IPad?
    YOu said something about an AP. I would love a link to one if indeed you were telling me about it. Just updating my own site. Hope to go live with it by end of Feb.

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