Stocking a Gluten-free Asian Pantry

I’d be so sad if I couldn’t share bakmi, one of my favorite Indonesian dishes–it contains wheat noodles, sweet soy sauce, AND soy sauce–with my gluten-free friends. 

A few years ago, my friend randomly mentioned that her mom has a stash of wheat-free soy sauce kept in a safe place at her neighborhood Chinese restaurant. And every time she goes there the owners whip out the bottle and happily prepare her favorite dish–shrimp fried rice–for her.

I was much bemused by this. I’d never even considered that Asian cooking contained a lot of wheat products, and besides, I didn’t know any Asians who were bothered by wheat. In fact, we live on wheat products. Egg noodles, wheat gluten (aka TVP), bean sauce, soy sauce–all of these products contain wheat.

Then last year, I was visiting my husband’s aunt who was recently diagnosed with celiac disease. I wanted to cook for her from my cookbook and her pantry was stocked with gluten-free products. Both she, and I, were pleasantly surprised at how many Asian meal options she had.

Read more (plus print my list in PDF-format) … 


21 thoughts on “Stocking a Gluten-free Asian Pantry

  1. My question was if black beans that you can buy by the bag not already processed in a sauce being GF & you answered it beautifully, thank you! A great ‘sauce’ (sorry couldn’t resist!) of info for coeliacs. Off to make tofu in black bean from my fave cook Gok Wan xxxx

  2. Hi Pat, how true what you have written about some of our Asian condiments and ingredients. I like to introduce to you my brand called WORLDFOODS which is suitable for celiacs. We do test on our products to assure it to be gluten free!:-) do visit my website and will be happy to hear your comments

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