Asian ingredients at your fingertips

Whew … the last 6 months have whizzed by!

Little Isaac (who is not so little anymore) is a joy but I haven’t been able to do very much else except well, maybe to design an iPhone app.

I know it’s crazy but yes, I’ve launched an app called “Asian Ingredients 101,” a comprehensive glossary with photos and descriptions of a cornucopia of Asian ingredients ranging from sauces, spices to vegetables. It’s the perfect companion to The Asian Grandmothers Cookbook and perfect for any Asian food lover who finds it hard to navigate the aisles of an Asian market. It’s a work-in-progress so feel free to give me feedback and let me know what to include!

For more info or to purchase the app (it’s only 99 cents!), Please click on the icon below:

As grandma always says, please share:

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